Sanjay Shah

Since its inception in the year 1940, we have been an integral part of the KKM family. All these years, KKM has done visionary and revolutionary work for the community,

Nalinbhai Trivedi

I am really in touch with the local community and totally understand their needs as our family has lived in the Kapadwanj since more than two centuries. Education is our

Jalaj Dani

Yes, we can transform many people’s lives through better education and healthcare facilities, and KKM is doing this very well since 1940. We are passionate about our cause to provide

Ashwin Dani

As a child, I have spent most of my summer vacations at Kapadwanj, interacting and learning from Shankarkaka, former president of KKM. I observed the importance of good education for

Dasra, Mumbai

For a grassroot organization that has been operating for more than 70 years, KKM is an organization that has an ambitious vision, coupled with a team that is excited to

Tribhuvandas Foundation, Anand

Tribhuvandas Foundation is benefitted by partnership with Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal. We look forward to the exciting journey for betterment of women and children in upcoming days. Enthusiasm of Kapadwanj Kelavani